Colour Grout Selections For Tiling in Singapore

Colour Grout Selections For Tiling in Singapore


Visualise how different grout colours change the overall appearance of your tiling project. The right grout colour can transform the look of a space, either accenting or blending with the tile. Select your tile colour and then explore the different grout colours to assist you in choosing the best grout colour for your project easily. Remember that colours displayed digitally may vary from actual, see in-store to check your choices.


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Picking the grout colours

Although there are no hard and fast rules to picking grout colours, having a guide does help. Here are some of the most common questions asked when picking grout colours:

Should my grout colour match my tile colour?

It doesn’t have to – it can be challenging to find a match even! We recommend looking at grout samples instead of relying on catalogue images or packaging alone to determine if you’ve got a good match.

Should it be darker or lighter than my tile?

This depends on your preference, design or look you’re going for. If highlighting a pattern your tiling creates is your eventual goal, picking a contrasting colour is the way forward. If creating a collective look is the vision, then a lighter colour is probably better suited.

What other factors should you consider when choosing the colour?

Think about the existing design elements that dominate a space, the glossiness of the surfaces, and the variation between your tiles picked. Suppose you have tiles that have two different patterns, it makes sense to choose a simpler grout colour.

when to choose epoxy grout?

Traditional cement base grout is not waterproof, it absorbs stains and wears off easily as anyone who has scrubbed grout will attest to.

Epoxy grout is an epoxy resin combined with a filler powder.  This makes it waterproof and good stain resistant.  It’s durability makes it the ideal choice for kitchen, wet areas, high foot traffic areas.

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