Varyap Meridian – Istanbul Turkey

Varyap Meridian – Istanbul Turkey

Varyap Meridian – Istanbul Turkey

Varyap Meridian – Istanbul Turkey


Artun İnşaat – İstanbul İnşaat – Decons İnşaat

General Contractor:

Varlıbaşlar Holding


RMJM Mimarlık & TRAFO Mimarlık & DOMEMimarlık

Products Featured:

  • ARDEX X7G (15.600 m²)
  • DUNLOP Tile Adhesive (98.000 m²)
  • ARDEX P51 Primer (15.600 m²)


Varyap Meridian is a project for which a competition has been organzied with the enrollment of renowned architecture firms. The winning project was submitted by RMJM / NY’s, a British origin company that proves itself on not only with its architectural designs but also with its skills on urban planning and creating new urban areas in different parts of the world. The unique design that rises with a multinational team consisting of 150 members and emphasising the historical peninsula of Istanbul turned out to one of the most exclusive realty projects & brands of Istanbul with its high technology infra&superstructure. Having 11 important international awards with its unlikely & sustainable design, Varyap Meridian finally won “The Best Architecture Project of the World” prize in International Property Awards 2010.


  • Very thin (4-5mm) Villeroy & Boch Tiles were chosen to use in wet areas due to a wallpaper covering starting at 1.2m level.
  • Due to the wallpaper, the final render of the wall was a plaster surface.
  • A strong & flex tile adhesive was required to apply those thin tiles without thickening the surface (6mm trowel size)
  • The water absorbent plaster surface results that the adhesive dries rapidly which makes it a challenge for the application.


  • To decrease the water absorption of the wall surfaces ARDEX P51 Primer was applied (1:3 dilution ratio)
  • With its fast & easy application as well as its fast drying time, ARDEX P51 Primer made it easy to prepare the surface for the tile adhesive application.
  • ARDEX X7G was the chosen product by overcoming the competitors with its extraordinary adhesion power, flexibility and a coverage of 13m²/bag, which was surprising the project authorities.