Top performing ARDEX materials chosen for large scale upgrade

Springs Day Spa & Fitness Centre, Noosa

An ARDEX tiling and waterproofing system was chosen to help upgrade Noosa Springs Resort to five-star status

Springs Day Spa & Fitness Centre, Noosa

INSTALLER: Thorburn Tiling Pty Ltd M&M Waterproofing Contractors & Sales
BUILDER: Starco Developments Pty Ltd.
ARCHITECT: Alan Starkey & Associates

High quality materials & finishes needed to match the expectations for the $400 million five-star resort (1,030,000 m2 / 11,087,190 ft2)
Areas with large temperature fluctuations caused by infrared heating systems
Fear of erosion to specialized flooring materials from underwater jets
Use of high concentration chemicals with a history of destroying Portland cement structures
Areas with heavy gym equipment

When Noosa Springs Resort decided to upgrade to a luxury five-star venue, only top performing materials would ensure the prevention of flooring failures in their state of the art facilities.

The fitness centre includes heavy exercise equipment & free weights. Therefore, the floor had to be durable to withstand the weight of the equipment. Onsite spa amenities include infrared saunas, steam rooms, blitz showers, a HydroMassage pool & large floating pools.

Each of these features created demanding challenges for the builders, as flexible & strong products were necessary to ensure a quality & long lasting installation.

To prepare the new concrete for tile and stone applications, installers used ARDEX WPM 265 Water Based Primer. ARDEX WPM 265 is an acrylic primer system that creates a positive bond between substrates & water- based coatings.

ARDEX WPM 300 Water Based Epoxy Membrane was used because it has superior water resistance & prevents efflorescence while withstanding hydrostatic pressure. It provides excellent adhesion to most substrates, including damp surfaces & freshly laid concrete, & it can be used as a one coat primer for other applied finishes like ARDEX waterproofing membranes & tiling adhesives. ARDEX WPM 300 is also safe for potable drinking water, removing risk of water contamination from materials in the many resort pool areas.

Next, ARDEX WPM 002 Two Component Undertile Waterproofing Membrane was applied. Recognized as one of the fastest drying acrylic membranes on the market, it can be tiled within 16 to 24 hours at ambient temperatures of 23˚C. Its advanced acrylic polymer technology makes it completely resistant to re emulsification.

ARDEX STS 8 Superior Tensile Strength Tile Adhesive was chosen because of its improved adhesion of heavy, large-format wall tiles otherwise prone to lipping and slumping. In a five-star resort, it was crucial that floor tile and wall treatments were not only functional but visually appealing. When necessary, ARDEX E 90 Mortar Admix was used to guarantee the adhesive was water repellent for resort showers and pools.

To finish the job, ARDEX ABAPOXY High Performance Epoxy Adhesive and Grout was selected for its strong resistance to harsh chemicals. This product was developed by ARDEX for applications requiring strict hygiene standards. It is completely solvent-free and suitable for walls and floors. Starco Developments Pty Ltd. selected ARDEX Australia to supply numerous products for the project that would perform well, provide longevity and expedite the installation process.

ARDEX products contributed to the successful completion of a world class standard in the Noosa Springs Golf & Spa Resort.