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SystemARDEX specified in large redevelopment project.

Oracle Apartments, Broadbeach

ARDEX systems specified as part of a $850 million investment redevelopment plan to turn Broadbeach into a high-end ‘live-work-play’ destination.

Oracle Apartments, Broadbeach

BUILDER: Niecon Developments Pty Ltd
ARCHITECT: Niecon Developments Pty Ltd.

– One 40 level and one 50 level tower
– Mixed use development
– Multiple tile applications

As part of a redevelopment plan to turn Broadbeach into a high-end ‘live-work-play’ destination, an $850 million investment was provided to build two modern towers, the Oracle Broadbeach Apartments. Niecon Development specified ARDEX products as the solution to this challenge. In doing so, they received complete peace of mind knowing ARDEX tile adhesives are high quality products compatible with marble, vitrified and ceramic tile.

BAT Tiling worked with ARDEX Australia to offer a SYSTEMARDEX solution. SYSTEMARDEX is a complete regiment of high quality, compatible tiling, flooring and waterproofing products matched with unparalleled technical and field support. Each product is engineered through meticulous research and developed with feedback from contractors, specifiers, manufacturers and clients.

Starting with one of the markets fastest drying acrylic membranes, installers applied ARDEX WPM 002 Superflex Bathroom and Balcony Two Part Waterproofing Membrane where needed. WPM 002 specifically addresses internal moisture issues under tiles. Because WPM 002 is microfiber reinforced, a reinforcing mat is not needed In non-exposed permanent immersion areas.

Once the waterproofing membrane was sufficiently dry, screeds were placed throughout the building. To ensure the screeds would have strong bonds, high shears and tensile strengths ARDEX Abacrete Bonding Agent was addedAbacrete is a non-toxic liquid polymer additive designed specifically for use with screeds and renders. This additive also improves water resistance in the flooring.

To ensure the tile adhesives would bond appropriately to the substrates, ARDEX Multiprime Water-Based Primer was recommended. Multiprime is easy to apply using a sponge, brush or roller. This process saves time and creates a strong bond between the screed and adhesive. Where necessary, ARDEX Abaflex Premium Polymer Modified Flexible Tile Adhesive was applied, and ARDEX DS 40 Impact Sound Reduction and Decoupling system was placed. Abaflexs’ eight-hour cure time allows contractors to quickly move forward with the project. Abaflex is a good choice because of its flexibility in accommodating cracks (up to .9mm) created by building movement. DS 40 enhanced the luxury of the multipurpose building by reducing impact noise transfer from tenants above. DS 40 acoustic mats are pre-cut for easy application and can be placed over various substrates. DS 40 can also be directly tiled over using an ARDEX tile adhesive.

To accommodate the variety of tiles used in the building, ARDEX X 10 Flexible Non Slump Wall and Floor Tile Adhesive was recommended. X 10 is a polymer modified, cement-based wall and floor tile adhesive created with mastic properties ideal for all tile types. The mastic properties prevent sagging and movement in flooring and wall tile installation, maintaining the level of quality required by general contractors.

Once tiles were placed, ARDEX grouts were used as the final step. Where pigmented grout was required, ARDEX FG 8 Flexible Coloured Grout for Tile Joints 1 to 8 mm wide was used. FG 8 may be used on floors and walls and is easy to apply using a rubber trowel. Because it contains anti-mould agents and water repellents, the appearance and overall cleanliness of the rooms is easily maintained. FG 8 also cures to a smooth finish reducing the amount of trapped dirt and airborne contaminants.

Wherever a wider joint width occurred, ARDEX Wide Joint Sanded Cement-Based Grout was applied. This grout is shrink-resistant, and is especially suited for wider joints ranging from 5 to 15 mm. It can be used for floor or wall applications, around swimming pools and showers, and is available in a range of colours. For all carpeted areas, ARDEX AF 266 Outdoor Carpet Adhesive was recommended. This water-based adhesive has a low odor, so it is ideal for indoor use. ARDEX recommended this product, because it is resistant to the frequent, commercial grade cleaning expected in a luxury multi-purpose high rise.

Each of the products used for this project are part of the SYSTEMARDEX solution.