Newcastle – United Kingdom

Newcastle – United Kingdom

Newcastle – United Kingdom

Newcastle – United Kingdom

ARDEX Provides a Cost Effective Swimming Pool Refurbishment for Newcastle School


  • Underwater Pool Services Ltd. – Manchester, England


  • Aqua Tilers Ltd. – Manchester, England

Products Featured:

  • ARDEX AM 100 Pre-Tile Repair Mortar
  • ARDEX S 21 Rapid Hardening Floor Tile Bedding Mortar
  • ARDEX-FLEX 5001 Gray Flexible Adhesive
  • ARDEX-FLEX 5000 White Flexible Adhesive
  • ARDEX WA Epoxy Adhesive & Grout
  • ARDEX-FLEX FL Rapid Setting & Hardening Flexible Grout
  • ARDEX-FLEX FS Flexible Tile Grout


  • Fast-track renovation
  • Wet and underwater surfaces
  • High-level of cleanliness required
  • Multiple tile types and surfaces


After receiving an initial bid estimate of £1.5m (approximately $2,150,000 USD) to build a new swimming pool, the Newcastle-under-Lyme School (NuLS) searched for an economic fast-track solution for their swimming pool refurbishment. With the assistance of ARDEX UK, Underwater Pool Services and Aqua Tilers; NuLS was able to complete its renovation during tough economic times and prevent lengthy downtime often associated with pool renovations. The time period for completion was over the summer break, so students were able to return to an improved facility in September.


To minimize the time associated with tiling, the project started with rendering all pool wall surfaces with ARDEX AM 100 Pre-Tile Repair Mortar. The ARDEX AM 100 allows for a surface to be moist during application and ready to receive tile in only two hours. This saved the time associated with waiting for the surfaces of the swimming pool to dry in a high humidity environment. Most competitors’ products take two weeks before they can receive tile. For the pool base ARDEX S 21 Tile Bedding Mortar was used to pre-level the surface for tiling. ARDEX S 21 is a rapid hardening tile bedding mortar which is easy to use and adheres to moist surfaces and rapidly hardens allowing the project to move forward in just three hours. ARDEX S 21 was also used in the locker room areas, because it can also be used to form ramps around drains and doorways. With its versatility and quick drying properties, ARDEX S 21 was the perfect choice for this fast-track installation. Ideal for use in and around swimming pools, and for all types of tile, ARDEX-FLEX 5001 was used to place the slip resistant ceramic tiles to the pool deck. Specially formulated ARDEX-FLEX 5001 was specifically designed to have superior adhesion and excellent slump resistance even when submerged in water. For the surrounding area of the pool and in the locker rooms, ARDEX-FLEX 5000 was specified. This was selected over competitors’ products, because ARDEX-FLEX 5000 does not require a separate add mixture which saved the school additional time and cost. ARDEX-FLEX 5000 can be used on floor and wall surfaces. To provide waterproof and chemically resistant grout joints in the pool, ARDEX WA Epoxy Adhesive & Grout was selected. ARDEX WA can be used for joints of 2mm to 12mm wide. This is an ideal product for areas susceptible to chlorine, cleaning agents and aqueous salt solutions. For the rest of the grouting ARDEX-FLEX FL was used on the floors and ARDEX-FLEX FS was used on the walls. Both ARDEXFLEX FL and FS contain a built in add mixture which save time and money. Both products are also dirt resistant, flexible and water repellent. With the help of ARDEX UK, the students and swimming clubs that utilize the pool at NuLS can look forward to a safe and sanitary swimming experience for many years to come.