Lawrence Sting School, Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam

Lawrence S. Ting School, Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

Lawrence Sting School, Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam

Lawrence S. Ting School, Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam


  • Hoang Ha Industrial Group Joint Stock Company

General Contractor

  • Hoa Binh Construction Group Joint Stock Company

Owner or Architect (s)

  • Phu My Hung Corporation

ARDEX-QUICSEAL Product(s) Featured

  • ARDEX Commercial Flooring & ARDEX AF 148 Adhesive

Floor Area

  • 7000m2


  • To ensure success for the school project, the client needs to focus on the following essential requirements. They require low-VOC materials that can be installed quickly over a large area of 7,000m2. The levelling compound material must have exceptional flow properties and be installed with trusted Gerflor vinyl flooring finishing. By addressing these needs, we can achieve our goal of delivering a high-quality project that meets the requirements of all stakeholders.


Problem /Situation:

  • To achieve a flawless vinyl flooring finish, a flat and smooth substrate is imperative. The adhesive used for the installation process must have a fast-drying time, enabling quick installation of large areas. In addition, the adhesive must possess a solid strength to support the installation of various vinyl flooring materials, including 2mm-thick vinyl sheets for classrooms, corridors, and library areas, and 7.5mm-thick vinyl sports flooring for sports hall areas.


  • By choosing ARDEX’s comprehensive system of commercial flooring and ARDEX AF 148 adhesive, both the users demonstrated their commitment to achieving exceptional quality standards and meeting the project’s installation timeline with utmost efficiency .

Unique Elements:

  • The applicator was happy with ARDEX product performance supplied from ARDEXQUICSEAL Singapore Factory with fast production time and trusted quality control. ARDEX AF 148 is genuinely a multipurpose flooring adhesive choice for various vinyl flooring options, from regular vinyl sheet 2mm to vinyl sports flooring with 7.5mm thickness. The applicator was also impressed by the ease of ARDEX AF 148 adhesive installation of the soft texture.