Structural and cosmetic repair to concrete tilt panels.

Hoppers Crossing Warehouse

ARDEX Crack Repair and Injection System was specified for structural and cosmetic repair

Hoppers Crossing Warehouse

INSTALLER/APPLICATOR: Bravada Waterproofing
GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Bravada Waterproofing

50 linear metres of injection to multiply panels
100 linear metres of cosmetic repair using ARDEX RA 88
Timeline concerns (fast turnaround); painting had already commenced
Scissor lift access, difficulty working around fixed equipment (T-Port application)
Multiple tenancies

Structural repair and cosmetic repair to concrete tilt panels. Panels had cracked due to land settlement and had become apparent to building tenants due to leaks coming into the building. Engineering assessment conducted and advised cracks requiring injection and cosmetic defects.

Ronald Rose (Vic Sales Manager) was initially contacted by the owner of the building via an enquiry from ARDEX Technical Services, due to his extensive knowledge gained whilst working for ARDEX New Zealand after the Christchurch earthquakes, to conduct a site visit and ascertain if ARDEX products were suitable.

A recommendation was given that repairs could proceed with the ARDEX Crack Repair and Injection System; however, an engineer’s assessment was required on cracks that were substantial. The asset owner engaged engineers and it was identified which cracks required structural injection using ARDEX RA 142, 144 and 146 and which only required aesthetical repairs with ARDEX RA 88. Bravada were engaged after an ARDEX recommendation to carry out the repairs. Due to electrical conduits and pallet racking in place on a number of walls in the varying tenancies, ARDEX RA 146 Blindside Concrete Crack Injection Epoxy Gel was chosen for these areas as the injection material due to the ability to be blindside injected.

Scope of works provided onsite to Bravada team members on products to be used and where.
Using ARDEX RA 146 Blindside Concrete Crack Injection Epoxy Gel
Fast cure of ARDEX RA 88 allowed porting and injecting on the same day
Tech support onsite for initial start-up and routine visits from ARDEX representatives throughout the project
Onsite training provided to new staff members of the contractor
External painting project was not delayed and was able to be completed with minimal disruption to building occupants