Retail / Shopping


City Link Mall – Singapore

City Link Mall – Singapore

City Link Mall – Singapore

City Link Mall – Singapore

Installer and General Contractor:

  • New Art Interior Pte Ltd

Featured Products:

  • ARDEX P 51 Primer and bonding agent
  • ARDEX CL 5 Commercial Self-Levelling Topping
  • ABA 330L


  • ARDEX had been chosen to provide a flooring solution in a newly opened retail shop located at City Link Shopping Mall in Singapore. The design featured triangle shapes of 10mm thick flooring.


  • The challenges for this project were a tight timeline and customized shape of the finished floor. The installation needed to be completed in one week and was 1000㎡, so the team was required to work at night.
  • To achieve the desire thickness of 10mm and a finish in consistent color, the application of topping had to be completed two times at 5mm thickness each application.
  • In line with expectations, the product used were environmentally friendly, being certified with the Green Label.


  • Correct subfloor preparation and priming, completed with the water-based primer ARDEX P51, played a major role in the success of this project. In oder to achieve the required thickness of the self-levelling topping ARDEX CL 5, two applications of 5mm each were necessary. To ensure color consistency, exact water ratio was used when mixing the 25 kg bags. To ensure excellent toughness and wear resistance of the finished floor, concreate sealer ABA330L was used as a topcoat over the cementitious topping. The product was spray-applied and completely dry after 24 hours.