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ARDEX screed and PANDOMO specified in time sensitive project

Bresic Whitney Offices, Sydney

PANDOMO and ARDEX A 38 used to produce high quality finish in a quick time frame.

Bresic Whitney Offices, Sydney

INSTALLER: Concrete Artisans –
ARCHITECT: Chenchow Little Architects –
PROJECT ADDRESS: 318 Liverpool St Darlinghurst

The original plan for the Bresic Whitney office in Surry Hills was to leave a 70mm set down to pour a topping slab and then polish this to create an industrial polished concrete look. In researching this method, time concerns surfaced, as the topping slab would take 4 – 5 weeks to dry before polishing. This was coupled with access & logistic concerns because of the location of the project. In researching this PANDOMO FloorPlus was introduced into the mix to alleviate concerns relating to drying times & installation.

Although PANDOMO FloorPlus and A 38 screed were not as cost effective as polishing a topping slab on paper, a proper cost comparison was prepared by Chenchow Little Architects. In this cost comparison they found that the rapid drying ability of the 65mm A 38 screed (Approximately 24 hours) as well as the 6mm PANDOMO FloorPlus (Also 24 hours) allowed the project to be completed in a far quicker time frame. This allowed the client to take occupation of the building far quicker than the original flooring specified to start generating an income.

An area which also needed addressing in the project was access, and PANDOMO addressed this by allowing the products which made up the system to be craned up to the 2nd level. Once up there, the system was installed in zones. This combined with the ability to walk on the newly poured floor after 3 hours allowed the project to flow without any distraction from the installation of the floor.

An additional feature of using the PANDOMO FloorPlus in the Bresic Whitney project was the ability to produce a high quality finish against composite flooring systems. In this situation the PANDOMO FloorPlus abutted timber flooring to produce a high quality finish throughout, something which is extremely difficult to achieve with a topping slab because of the excessive grinding required.