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ARDEX waterproofing and tiling systems used in Box Hill pool refurbishment.

Box Hill Pool Refurbishment

Large refurbishment with short turnaround requirement utilises ARDEX waterproofing and tiling systems and technical support.

Box Hill Pool Refurbishment

ARCHITECT: A1 Office Fitouts
CONTRACTOR: Bravada Building Services

The size of the project coupled with the tight timeframe resulted in various challenges for the contractor, Bravada Building Services. Firstly, the contractor was given only seven weeks to complete the pool refurbishment project, which is located between Spotlight and Anaconda in the Spotlight Retail Centre. In all, nine different ARDEX products were used, including 570sqm of WPM 002 Waterproofing Membrane and 540sqm of X 17 tile adhesive, FG 8 grout on the pool surrounds, change rooms, foyer and mosaic walls. Also used was 285sqm of WPM 405, an ARDEX additive that enhanced the strength of the screed.

ARDEX products were selected as they are completely compatible, easy to use, as well as being supported by a dedicated Technical Support Team and manufacturer’s guarantee.

Bravada Building Services were confronted with a significant challenge as the pool surround was quiet shallow for the screed (minimum thickness and achieving minimum fall requirements 1:100). Due to the thickness issues and the Scyon installation patterns, Bravada Building Services decided to use a self-supporting screed which included a slip sheet with expanded metal reinforcing. ARDEX WPM 405 additive was also used to increase the compressive strength, ultimately giving the contractor’s peace of mind.

The tiling also resulted in a challenge due to tile choices and the layout of patterns. However, the reliability and consistency of ARDEX X 17 tile adhesive provided the contractors with the confidence they needed. ARDEX X 17 was installed in multiple locations and environments such as the pool deck surround, change rooms, showers and foyer areas.

With a project of this magnitude and complexity it was crucial that all products and techniques selected were not only suitable for the environment but were also compatible. Given the confidence in the ARDEX range of products, Bravada Building Services had no hesitation in using an ARDEX System for this project.

Unique Elements:
Without doubt, ARDEX WPM 002 and WPM 405 were the two key products that made this project such a success. However, ARDEX does not believe that their responsibility ends with the manufacture of innovative and specialist solutions. ARDEX’ Sales Representative, Brett O’Loughlin, provided Bravada Building Services with technical support before, during and after the installation. The support provided from the ARDEX Team, including in-depth training on a huge variety of products and techniques all influenced the outcome of this installation.