Belaja Dacha – Russia

Belaja Dacha – Russia

Belaja Dacha – Russia

Belaja Dacha – Russia



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Products Featured:

  • ARDEX X77 (2.200 m 2)
  • ARDEX 8 + 9 (2.200 m 2)
  • ARDEX SK 12
  • ARDEX WA Fuge
  • ARDEX CA 20 P


The major objectives of the Belaya Dacha Holding are commercial (industry and trade) and residential real estate projects. Integrated in the trading department of this group Belaya Dacha Trading is a leading salad producer for the Russian market. As quality provider Belaya Dacha Trading became quite early the main supplier of prestigious clients like Mc Donalds, Auchan, IKEA and many others. For their new plant in Elabuga the customer was looking for the ideal industrial flooring solution.


  • Chemical resistant floor (tiles/constructions materials): During the production mainly water penetrates the floors, but due to high hygiene standards in the food processing industry the cleaning process is very important. The floors must be resistant against those chemical cleaning products.
  • Professional flooring company in order to apply the high-quality products accordingly (including slope and necessary expansion joints, etc.)


  • To prevent a possible penetration of water into the ground ARDEX 8+9 was applied in addition with ARDEX SK12 for the edge joints. With its easy use, fast drying time and low material consumption, ARDEX 8+9 made it easy to prepare the prefect sealant within a minimum time.
  • ARDEX X77 convinced the decision makers with its extraordinary adhesion power and flexibility due to the MICROTEC technology.
  • Due to its astonishing technical and handling performance the epoxy joint ARDEX WA was chosen. It’s easy application and cleaning process was one of the main decision drivers in this project. Furthermore the fast accessible time of 12h was important due to the time factor behind the project.
  • For the existing edge joints ARDEX CA20P was used.