Banyan Tree Club & Spa – Korea

Banyan Tree Club & Spa – Korea

Banyan Tree Club & Spa – Korea

Banyan Tree Club & Spa – Korea


  • C & P Stone

General Contractors:

  • Ssangyong Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. – Seoul, South Korea


  • Gansam Partners Architecture Design and Planning

Product Featured:

  • PANDOMO® Wall (PANDOMO W1) Decorative Finishing Render
  • PANDOMO® TerrazzoMicro
  • ARDEX F5 Fiber Reinforced Finishing Compound


  • Expedited installation time frame
  • Multiple contractors on site
  • Cold exterior temperatures
  • Cracking and uneven surfaces


Originally opened in 1969, the Namsan Tower required a complete remodel and transformation to become a world-renowned resort chain – The Banyan Tree Club & Spa. This was the first South Korean remodeling project of its kind, transforming an existing 2-Star tower into a high-end 5-Star resort. When remodeling requires a high-end result, it calls for best-in-class products. ARDEX Pandomo® systems were specifically selected because of the high-end quality, design capabilities and modern elements of the products. However, because of multiple contractors on site, it made for a difficult installation of PANDOMO® Wall. The developer of the project also requested Pandomo® materials be used on the building exterior. Pandomo® Wall is specifically designed for interior applications; so the ARDEX Technical Team worked with the contractor to find a solution.


In the hotel rooms, swimming pool area, and restaurant, C & P Stone worked through the night after other companies left for the evening. Working at night allowed the installers to properly clean the walls before installing ARDEX PANDOMO® Wall and reduce the amount of airborne particles found on a busy construction site with potential to contaminate the installation. Once the contractors finished with a section of the installation, the area was completely sealed with vinyl sheeting to prevent any contamination. A few sections were reinstalled because of damage caused by heavy equipment from other construction. ARDEX PANDOMO® Wall was selected because of its fast track properties, versatility, simple elegance and ability to create a seamless finish. In the elevator hall, installers were challenged with an uneven, cracked substrate. To rectify these problems and prepare the floor to receive ARDEX PANDOMO® TerrazzoMicro, cracks were sealed and primed with an epoxy primer to include a sand broadcast. Once cured, the previously unsuitable substrate received its new terrazzo style flooring. ARDEX PANDOMO® TerrazzoMicro was specified in this area because of its natural beauty and fast-curing properties. ARDEX PANDOMO® TerrazzoMicro was open to traffic in roughly eight hours, allowing appropriate cure time before additional workers arrived the next day. For exterior signage, the developer wanted to use ARDEX PANDOMO® Wall, but there were some concerns from the ARDEX Technical Team about the performance of the product in an environment with four extremely different seasons. The ARDEX Technical Team recommended ARDEX F5 Fiber reinforced finishing compound instead. ARDEX F5 is especially suited for indoor and outdoor use on walls and ceilings. Largely, because ARDEX F5 can be used as a repair mortar and fill any holes, cavities or unevenness as the rendering was being applied. Once completed, this 2-Star hotel was transformed into a 5-Star resort. The ARDEX products that were installed added to the unique, modern design of the Banyan Tree Hotel.