Data Centre


12, Sun View Crescent

12, Sun View Crescent – Singapore

12, Sun View Crescent – Singapore


  • Asset Protection Services Pte Ltd

Main Contractor:

  • Kienta Engineering

Owner or Architect(s):

  • AEDAS – Data Centre SIN 67

ARDEX Product(s) Featured:

  • ARDEX BRP 35 EP – 200 x 20kg
  • ARDEX BR480 – 20,000 x 25kg                                             

Total Area:

  • 8,000m2


  • With the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on the global economy, it is truly remarkable that we could secure this project despite raw material pricing and availability issues. We closely examined the client’s specifications and found that capturing precise levels and providing a flat floor in accordance with ASTM 1155E – FF35 / FL25 is a critical requirement that cannot be overlooked. We have the expertise to deliver the product system to these stringent requirements.

Problem /Situation:

  • In addition, the client was also looking for a low-maintenance floor, durable enough to withstand heavy traffic and can handle a loading of up to 4,000 pounds. ARDEX A 65 was specified to meet those requirements and offer a high-quality appearance that could impress their local and overseas guests.


  • ARDEX is a brand that prides itself on delivering quality products that are easy to apply and perform exceptionally well. Our commitment to timely delivery and quality services was evident in the ability to supply and deliver the necessary products during the application period as requested by the customer. Additionally, our on-site technical service provided valuable support to the applicator, ensuring a hassle-free and productive application process. The job was completed successfully within the given timeline by our approved applicator, Asset Protection Pte Ltd, who demonstrated their expertise and commitment to delivering quality work. The project was undertaken between August and November 2022, highlighting the efficacy and professionalism of ARDEX-QUICSEAL Singapore and Asset Protection Pte Ltd.