Underlay for Vinyl Flooring and Carpets

ARDEX offers intelligent and trusted system solutions for every aspect of underlayment. From flooring underlayment for vinyl or carpets, the ARDEX range of solutions and services provides comfort underfoot and extra protection against moisture. Be it for indoor, outdoor, domestic, or commercial projects, our flooring systems include products for floor levelling, underlay waterproofing, and more.

What is Flooring Underlayment and Its Purpose

The anatomy of a floor comprises three main layers – floor covering, underlayment and subfloor. Ensure all the subfloor surfaces are sound and well prepared with primers before the underlayment and flooring covering is installed. The next layer is the underlayment. A thin layer of self-smoothing underlayment helps level and reduce the wear of the flooring. It main purpose is to:

  1. Ensure ease of application
  2. Reduce the amount of labour required
  3. Resist growth of microorganisms
  4. Support the hardening of concrete is taking place in a homogeneous way
  5. Smoothen subfloor imperfections
  6. Improves adhesion for flooring

Underlay for Vinyl Flooring on Concrete

Although underlayment is often not required for vinyl flooring, it may be necessary when installing vinyl plank flooring over concrete subfloors. For one, concrete is prone to absorb and retain moisture. As such, a proper moisture barrier system should be installed in any case there is high moisture content found onto the subfloors.  

Underlay Material

Regardless of soft floor covering, like carpets or tiling installation, an additional underlayment with unique flowing properties allows these cement to provide a level, flat and smooth surface. It supports your resilient floor in delivering the greatest performance with long-life service. Depending on the area of installation and durability you are looking for, choosing the right underlay material with ARDEX.

ARDEX – Your Choice Flooring Underlayment Solutions Provider

At ARDEX, we have a wide selection of the best underlayment for vinyl plank flooring and carpets. Whether you are looking for underlayment solutions or adhesives for tiles, we have an array of premium flooring solutions. For more information on our new generation of flooring adhesives and underlayment, get in touch with us today.