Resilient Flooring Solutions

Resilient Flooring Solutions

Resilient Flooring Solutions

What is resilient flooring?

A type of engineered flooring made of polymer materials – both natural and synthetic – it is known for higher durability and strength. Often used as a catch-all phrase for floor coverings that are nestled between the two ends of the spectrum, neither too hard like stone nor soft like carpeted floors.

Resilient flooring options encompass several types, including vinyl, linoleum, cork, rubber, and carpet. These flooring types are usually a mixture of filler materials like synthetic fibers, ground wood, or asbestos and resin to bind the materials together.

Why should I choose resilient flooring?
The main feature of resilient flooring is in its ability to offer more flexibility and elasticity in ‘give’ as compared to hardwood floors. There are ample reasons behind the rising popularity of resilient flooring options in residential and commercial spaces.

Because resilient flooring is engineered well, it can withstand high traffic and hold up very well. The structure of polymers in the different flooring types make it ideal for areas with a high amount of foot traffic.

With its smooth surface, keeping your floors spick and span won’t be an issue at all. Plus, its moisture resistance also makes it a viable option for bathroom floors at home.

The multitude of options available with resilient flooring solutions make having them a hassle-free process. You can pick and choose the right type of flooring for your home or office space and reap all the benefits that come with this type of engineered flooring.