Floor Adhesive


Floor Adhesive

  • Offer the professional flooring installer unique application benefits and guaranteed long term performance for all common floorcoverings

Floor Adhesive

Flooring Adhesive

Looking for floor adhesive with low VOC emissions or the best floor tile adhesive? ARDEX resilient adhesives are your best choice. Whether it’s carpet, vinyl or linoleum, ARDEX has specialist products for these and many other floor coverings. They not only offer perfect adhesion but are also free of solvents and extremely low on emissions. And with ARDEX SpeedTec technology, we’re now entering a whole new dimension in speed. ARDEX SpeedTec brings to ARDEX floor covering adhesives the speed you’re familiar with from ARDURAPID® floor levelling compounds.

What is the Best Adhesive for Floor Coverings?

So you’ve picked the perfect flooring adhesives to install different types of soft covering product. The next step is to have them installed. Unlike certain flooring types that come with click and lock mechanisms, floor covering requires adhesives to be fitted correctly. A crucial element in securing your materials to the base surface, flooring adhesives are the best tool to leverage when attempting to hold tiles in place for decades to come. Choosing the best flooring adhesive that will create a smart finish depends on various factors. Some of these include:

  1. The surface or substrate you are working on – the level and smoothness and underlayment recommended when installing resilient flooring over screed/metal/timbre floors will differ respectively.
  2. The location where the floor covering will be installed. You must consider practical aspects such as water-resistance when installation areas like the bathroom and kitchen.
  3. Using the right tools of flooring adhesive application. Too less or excess adhesive applied will affect the final adhesion of installation.

ARDEX – Your Choice Floor Adhesive Supplier

At ARDEX, we have an expansive catalogue of the best flooring adhesives. Whether you are looking for flooring adhesives for vinyl, carpet, rubber or linoleum materials, we have an array of premium flooring adhesive solutions. For more information on our new generation of flooring adhesives, get in touch with our technical experts today.

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