Concrete Repair Mortar


Concrete Repair Mortar

  • Ideal for patching, smoothing, filling and making rapid repairs to floors and walls

Concrete Repair Mortar

Concrete Repair – Patching Cracks in Concrete

Whether it’s a question of cosmetic concrete repairs for a more attractive finish or installing hard-wearing surfaces in commercial and industrial applications, ARDEX-QUICSEAL offers the right products no matter how diverse and challenging the requirements. Thanks to innovative ARDEX-QUICSEAL fast-track products, long drying and waiting times are a thing of the past. Work can be completed in next to no time and surfaces can be opened for use quickly. The high coverage and excellent workability of all ARDEX-QUICSEAL products guarantee maximum cost efficiency every time.

What is a concrete repair mortar?

First, it is pivotal to understand the need for concrete repair. Ever tried to patch cracks in concrete only to be left with unsightly crack lines? This could be because of the incorrect repair material. Be it compromises to the natural building and flooring structure or reinforcement corrosion brought about by internal supports, repair works can be fulfilled with a specialised concrete repair mortar. A cost-effective solution that restores and rehabilitates concrete structures back to their original state, repair mortar is the ideal solution to fixing anything from concrete walkways to patches in your floors.

What are the major types of concrete repair mortars?

There are two main types of concrete repair mortars – epoxy and cement. Both these repair mortars are available as a ready-mix, offering strong adhesion and a smooth finishing. Differing in their repair quality, they can be used for varying applications.

Can grout be used to repair concrete?

For hairline cracks in your concrete structure, patching compound can be used. At ARDEX-QUICSEAL, we carry several high strength patching compounds such as the ARDEX A 46 and ARDEX BR 480 – ready and easy to use, these rapidly patch cracks in concrete with short waiting times.

Why choose ARDEX-QUICSEAL solutions for concrete repairs?

With our expansive catalogue of concrete repair mortar at ARDEX, you are sure to find the right repair solution. Driven by the philosophy to supply outstanding product quality, our materials have gone through rigorous testing to meet industry standards. For more information on selecting the right repair mortar for your concrete structures, get in touch with our technical experts today.